Monthly Archives: July 2016

There’s one thing that I hate about Mac OS-X: the photo app auto-launching

Any time you stick in a memory card the app launches, and I NEVER use that app.  I need to use Bridge and Photoshop, and I hate that stupid Photo app always running.

There are solutions, but normally you have to set them on a card-by-card basis.  Which is not acceptable.  I found a better way, thanks to Thorin Klosowski at LifeHacker.  He published this tip in January 2016.  Open a Terminal window, and type (well, copy/paste) the following command:

defaults -currentHost write disableHotPlug -bool true

That’s it. Run this command, and the program will never launch again. Well, it won’t until the next major OS update, which I guess will be the end of OS-X and the first release of Mac OS.