Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ektachrome returns from the dead!

That’s right, a very nice transparency film may be returned to us!  Or at least to those of us who still have film bodies and an interest in shooting film.

Petapixel announced back on January 5 that Ektachrome would be returning to shelves late in 2017 in 35mm format, no news if we’ll eventually see 120 or 4×5 formats.  One can hope.  The nice thing is that you may be able to do the E6 processing in your own home as the process is pretty simple.  Maintaining the temperature bath might be a little tricky, but it can be done.

The announcement was made at the CES trade show in Las Vegas by “Kodak Alaris, the separate company owned by the Kodak Pension Plan in the UK”.  According to comments in the Petapixel post, there are lots of labs around the world still doing E6 process, so perhaps the odds are good that you can get it done in your neighborhood.

Myself, I’m undecided.  I could buy an E6 chemistry pack, I know some people who have a machine that I might be able to buy, borrow, or use.  I have a nice Elan 7E that works fine, as far as I know.  But is it worth it?  I always found Ektachrome a bit blue for my taste, I was always more of a Kodachrome man myself, and we know that’s probably never going to return.