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Noelle.jpg TennisThumbnailsSilver City (2008)TennisThumbnailsSilver City (2008)TennisThumbnailsSilver City (2008)TennisThumbnailsSilver City (2008)TennisThumbnailsSilver City (2008)TennisThumbnailsSilver City (2008)TennisThumbnailsSilver City (2008)

Shot at the beach of Scripps Oceanographic Institute, San Diego, CA, in the early 1990's. The camera was a rental, an Eos 630 with a 35-105 zoom, when I was considering changing systems. I rarely shoot continuous exposure for the motor drive, but I could not have gotten this shot without it. Noelle was on the far side of a rivulet, I told her to run and jump across it and she obliged me.

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